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Our Recipe: Entrepreneurial spirit combined with one-part food addict and a dash of adventure.

Like all entrepreneurial stories, ours is a similar tune. One guy has a grand idea, drags friends and family into the fun, and then spends hours convincing people they are not crazy. And after a period of rapid growth and sweet success, Frios Gourmet Pops is a thriving business creating some of the best pops in the country. But what makes Frios so different?

Frios Gourmet Pops was founded on three basic ideas which led to our motto of Fresh. Frozen. Fun.

Fresh & Naturally Delicious

We believe a quality product starts with the freshest possible ingredients.

So from the beginning, we sought out local farmers and suppliers that could help provide our produce and dairy. We have cultivated outstanding relationships with farmers all over the southeast and continue to grow our network. By supporting our local communities, we are also helping to grow our local economies. We are strong advocates for small business, mom and pops, and the countless “small timers” that makes our country run. We are also fond of the way fresh strawberries and peaches taste in our pops!

Frozen Perfection

Let's face it – there is a lot of parody in the food industry.

You can get a hamburger just about anywhere. But once you’ve had a “Goode Burger” prepared by Chef Randall Balwin at Lucy B Goode, you know that passion, quality local ingredients, and culinary know-how went into that product. The same goes with our pops. Once you try a Frios Pop, you can instantly taste why our pops are constantly getting praise and positive vibes. Our unique flavors are developed by a team of passionate foodies, chemistry geeks, artsy pixel pushers, and organic farmers that are dedicated to producing the best pop possible. We are our own biggest critics and are satisfied with nothing less than phenomenal. We stress about the details and obsess over quality.

Fun Flavors

The best part of our job is the reward of watching people smile as they enjoy our product.

We’ve seen moms soothe their teething baby’s gums with a fresh strawberry pop; we’ve seen a teenage couple on their first date laughing and enjoying a pop in front of our store; we’ve been honored to be part of a newly married couple's reception as the crowd toasts a life of happiness with a pop raised high. We’ve also enjoyed the company of a senior citizen who is instantly reminded of childhood summers after eating one of our muscadine pops. The one thing in common is that we are all having fun and making wonderful memories! Because in the end, we will not remember the days — just the moments that made them special.