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Join Team FriosAre you looking for a super fun job with a group of foodies, chemistry geeks, artsy pixel pushers, and fruit ninjas? Then we are the place for you! We are passionate about our product, we work hard to meet our expectation of quality, and we have ton of fun doing it! We are currently hiring for the following postions:

Seasonal Workers - All locations

we are always looking for people with fun and outgoing personalities to help us in the following areas. Although we are most likely full for this season -- please fill out the application and email it to us. We would love to hear form you!

Frios Pop Specialist (in store)

This team member will be part of our Broad Street/Gadsden location, have a fun and outgoing personality, and will interact with our customers by helping them find the perfect pop! Must have a passion for sweets, able to eats their weight in pops, and have mad skills with chalk board art. Apply Now (PDF)

Frios Pop Specialist (mobile carts)

This team member will be part of our mobile pop team that oversees the fleet of pop carts found around our area. Must have a dependable set of wheels to get you to work, able to spend lots of time enjoying the warm and sunny weather, and be able to discuss cartoons and video games with 10 year olds while simultaneously chatting about the merits of good nutrition with moms. Apply Now (PDF)

Frios Fruit Ninjas

This position will be part of our elite kitchen team that assists with the development of pop awesomeness. Must have a passion for culinary creativity, able to listen to all types of music, and willing to learn about the intricacies of fruit preparation. Apply Now (PDF)