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Frios Leadership Team


Andy Harp - Founder of Frios | Favorite Flavor: Banana Pud’n

Andy Harp - Frios PopsAfter years of working in public relations, marketing, and online communications, Andy decided it was time for a career change. Combining his talents for creative marketing, a longtime passion for culinary arts, and a seldom used collegiate background in chemistry - Andy found a new passion...frozen pops!

In 2013, Andy founded Frios with a few strokes of good luck, a tiny amount of savings, and a blessing from his wife who thought he may be facing a midlife crisis. Of course, Andy had help from a few close friends, too!

Frios humble beginnings started in a small incubator kitchen with Andy selling pops form a single cart on Broad Street in Gadsden. With a handful of flavorful and creative frozen desserts, Frios Gourmet Pops was an instant success and has grown overnight to be one of the best frozen dessert companies in the country.

Frios has since outgrown our tiny starter kitchen and graduated to a 3,000 square foot facility in Historic Downtown Gadsden. With an elite team of like-minded staff, Andy continues to come up with creative flavors and can still be found working the carts on Broad Street from time to time.

Skip HaleSkip Hale - Chief Operations Officer and Production Manager

Favorite Flavor: Fresh Peach

Skip is perfect combination of all our personalities and wears just about every hat at Frios. He brings a positive outlook, witty personality, and a hard working attitude to the Frios team.





Brandon RogersBrandon Rogers - Executive Vice President Corporate Logistics & Co-founder

Favorite Flavor: Key Lime Pie

Brandon is high-energy, high-tempo, and highly-organized. Whether it’s getting Frios carts to a special event or making sure our ingredient inventory is stocked -- Brandon keeps it rolling. With a background in medicine and surgical operations, Brandon makes sure Frios is on its feet and feeling fine!



Meghan BateyMeghan Batey - Corporate Officer & Marketing Manager

Favorite Flavor: Key Lime Pie

Meghan is the life of the party and the key person that keeps Frios organized and on time. With extensive experience in the service industry and a degree in graphic design - she can schedule a press release and draw a mustache on a photo in a single swoop!




Jim SomervilleJim Somerville - Executive Vice President, Corporate Sales

Favorite Flavor: Key Lime Pie

Jim is a California surfer dude that loved the beach so much he ditched the corporate gig and opened a successful Texas-based beach business. Now that he's tanned and tired of the smell of coconut - he's rediscovered his passion for building national brands. Jim joined the Frios team to help spread the pop love nationwide by helping individuals open their own Frios locations. But don't worry - his beach business is doing just fine and pina coladas are flowing!


Rebecca HandleyRebecca Handley - Executive Chef and Fruit Ninja Kitchen Master

Favorite Flavor: Butter Pecan

Multi-disciplined in culinary arts, leadership, and Jedi mind tricks -- Rebecca keeps the Frios kitchen running in the most efficient manner while ensuring our pops are the best on the planet.




Katie HicksKatie Hicks - Graphic Designer

Favorite Flavor: Creamy Coconut

She is as quiet as a mouse - but don't let that fool you - her creative designs are larger than life. Katie is an army of one and keeps the Frios brand looking fantastic.





Seasonal Team

Frios carts can be found all over during the spring and summer and we depend on our seasonal employees and interns to interface with our customers. Most of these workers are in high-school or college and earning some extra money as they work hard to fulfill their dreams and goals. Frios is honored that we are a stepping stone for them on their career path and look for mutually beneficial ways to help each other. If you're interested in a seasonal job, let us know.