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Frios in Phoenix
about this location
Phoenix, Arizona

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West Valley, Phoenix



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about Frios in Phoenix

The Tipton Family bringing all the Frios joy and love to Phoenix, Arizona.

“Frios offers a frozen dessert experience like no other, and we are honored to be the
first Happiness Hustlers to share that with our friends and neighbors in West Valley, AZ”
said Stephanie, who is an active duty servicewoman along with her husband, in the

“No matter your age, background or environment, one taste of a Frios pop can
immediately transport you to a nostalgic place, reminding you of the sweet memories of
childhood and igniting that same feeling of excitement you had as a kid hearing the ice
cream truck down the street. I know our community will absolutely love what we have to
offer, and I’m excited to bring this experience to the Phoenix metropolitan area and
serve our community along the way.”

Please contact us for catering, food truck events, pop drops, birthday parties,
employee appreciation events, or whatever else you can dream up!