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frios, come along on a “Sweet Ride.”

we are a dessert company.

we sell happiness.

on a stick.

it’s that simple.

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We have a different kind of hustle. We work voraciously towards making people happy, giving everything we do 100% with happiness as our goal.

Inclusivity/ acceptance

Frios and Frios joy should be available to everyone. Frios embraces being different and offers respect for every body.

family enjoys frios together
frios happiness


A little goofy + weird + humor + true joy + laughter + a tiny bit of irreverence = the fun people we want to be and an environment we strive to create.

Family First

We stand together in support and love of our own families and the family we call Frios. Always people first.

frios sweet ride edgy
friso community

Giving Back

Give back culture runs deep at Frios. Giving back to the communities we serve in a unique and fun way helps us spread more happiness to those who need it most.