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you gotta love sports. is there anything more American?

something that is even more American is enjoying a delicious dessert while spectating your favorite sport. talk about pure bliss.

frios can be the best highlight from the weekend. your favorite team’s highlights included. it truly is the perfect snack to enjoy while rooting on your favorite team. it doesn’t matter if you’re sitting on the couch in front of your 70” TV hosting your friends and fam for the big game day party or you find yourself at the stadium for some live action. wherever you can be, frios can be.

rent one of our Sweet Rides to pull right up to the house party or invite us to come set up at your favorite tailgate. our flavors are aplenty and can match virtually any team’s colors for extra team spirit. we’ve been known to be found in a concession stand or two, and we can even sponsor a team in need.

USA Jaguars football player enjoying frios after a hard practice

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