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bachelor/ bachelorette

there’s a new craze in town: tricked-out trucks that you can hire for your bachelor or bachelorette party. we love coming to serve you, and your guests pops. let us crash your party. we know how important this last hoorah is as a single person (or semi single person.)  
we can drive right up to you. we can be a midnight surprise.

do you know good our strawberry-mango pop tastes in a glass of champagne? byoc, and we will bring the pops. elevate your brunch.

we can bring the sweet ride, or do what we call a pop drop, where we supply all the pops you need for your celebration. let us crash your party. we want to have fun and bring you some delicious treats.

happy birthday girl enjoying a frios pop with a frios pop cart

other crash-worthy parties

you want to celebrate? we got you. click on a party below to find out how frios can crash your next shindig.