did someone say BIRTHDAY? please give us a reason to celebrate at frios and WE. ARE. THERE. we love celebrating LIFE and another trip around the sun. we live to throw a PARTY!

is your daughter turning 5, your grandpa turning 89? we are the ones that can make your dessert dreams come true! our “Sweet Ride” would love to show up, with music, lighting, balloons, bubbles, and whatever else we conspire together to make this a party NO ONE forgets. we want to help you make memories. turn it into a dance party in the driveway? we got you. we can help DJ while we serve POPs.

some of the POPs we recommend for your birthday party extravaganza:
1. Birthday Cake- because it’s a BIRTHDAY.
(we don’t want to say duh, but duh.)
2. Strawberry Mango-  A FRIOS FAVE. it’s fruity and fun.
(like your Uncle Carl, who we all adore.)
3. Pink Lemonade- sweet and sour.
(you should only be sweet and not sour.)
4. Cookies and Cream- it’s full of OREO’s.
(the real ones. not some knock-off crap. you won’t be disappointed by this deliciously creamy treat.)

these four don’t tickle your fancy? frios will customize a menu for your party, make it right, and help you throw it down. let’s get it started!

happy birthday girl enjoying a frios pop with a frios pop cart

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