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We love love. And we mean it. Celebrating two people who promise to love each other is something we always want to be invited to show up! If you’re looking for an incredible popsicle catering option for your wedding, Frios is the perfect choice.

What does having Frios pops look like at my wedding? Depending on your location, there are a lot of options. We have little carts that are more like a pushcart and have the Frios logo on them. We can work together to create a Frios menu, and we usually suggest selecting four different kinds of pop flavors for your wedding.

Another memorable option is the “Sweet Ride,” our van with all our freezers, speakers playing your choice of music, LED lights, and tie-dye wrapped. It is a FUN way to serve dessert and makes an excellent backdrop for photos.

Your wedding style is important so we’d love to work with you to make Frios incorporated with your plans. Frios pops are great as a main dessert or in addition to traditional dessert options. We are also the BEST way to cool down after dancing. A midnight snack surprise is always a hit after doing the chicken dance, YMCA, and the Boot Scoot Boogie for way too long.

Also, side note, we DO have a Wedding Cake frios pop. It’s a good one.

Please invite us to bring some MORE joy to your wedding, and remember,
“love was made for me and you…”

happy wedding couple enjoying frios on their wedding day

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