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do you remember being a kid and seeing that old, raggedy, white ice cream van drive through the neighborhoods with the noisy generator that sounded like it could explode at any second?

well, imagine that, but much, much cooler, totally less creepy, and will not explode any time soon (we hope). today, frios “Sweet Rides” have been hitting the streets as the new and much more improved ice cream man.

we’ve got tie-dye.

we’ve got fun music.

we’ve got super cool neon flashing lights.

not to mention we have the most incredible, unforgettable frozen treats and gourmet flavors.

we know it sounds too good to be true. you just have to see it to believe it.

give us a call to come to your neighborhood. we will make the rounds of the ‘hood in groovy, tie-dye style and ensure everyone is full of frozen happiness. we can even stay and hang out for a while and set up a dance party, perhaps. it’s all up to you!

a frios sweet ride visiting a neighborhood ice cream truck style

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