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block parties

block parties

block parties are the best.
summer. kids are screaming. bikes are zooming up and down the street.
cones that shut down traffic. everyone out of their houses.
food trucks, pot lucks, BBQs, there are many ways you can spin a good block party.
how every you do, we want to be a part. don’t make us beg. it’s the best decision you could make to invite us. we are like the fun aunt who makes life a little easier.

we love a good block party, and we bring the fun.
happiness on a stick is what we sell, and we promise to make the block party the best.
we have music, bubbles, and a giant “Sweet Ride” that brings the best-frozen dessert you have ever had.
invite us to your party, or we may crash it, and that could be awkward.

residents enjoy frios at their neighborhood block party

other crash-worthy parties

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