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proms, homecomings, formals.
we can dance.

got a kid stricken with boogie fever?
let’s break it down and see how we can help.

(raise your hand if you remember your first school dance?)

we cater to crowds of hormonal middle schoolers unleashing rabid energy in a gym or cafeteria (two spaces that are impossible to make beautiful because of their size and smell.) we can pull up outside and keep the party going and cool everyone off after grinding. (even though they aren’t supposed to?)

prom, in a hotel way too nice for your high schooler to know what to do? your kids may be savvy about suits, dresses, and the latest style.  our “Sweet Rides” always are right on trend.
don’t want to bring the kids inside?
let us bring a cart inside to park next to the dance floor full of pops.

want to celebrate a promposal? we got you.

how ever your dance plays out, let us come and celebrate with you. we live for these happy moments and love loud, smelly students wearing too much perfume and cologne. this is our jam. let us shine.

happy birthday girl enjoying a frios pop with a frios pop cart

other crash-worthy parties

you want to celebrate? we got you. click on a party below to find out how frios can crash your next shindig.