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a long time ago in a garage far, far away...

We would love to tell you that Frios was made by elves, fairies, or Oompa Loompas because there is so much magic in these frozen treats on a stick (Serious, serious amounts of magic but nothing illegal).

Frios started in a tiny garage years ago, trying to escape the doldrums of life. We continue to try to escape the ordinary monotony by employing humans who try to live magically every day. We call ourselves “Happiness Hustlers.”

(Queue any Beyonce or any song that really makes you happy, like REALLY REALLY happy.)

what's a Happiness Hustler?

The job is simple, to be bound and determined to leave people better than we found them, with a bigger smile on their faces and more joy in their hearts. This is done inclusively with a lot of smiles and a Frios in their hand.

and then there was MAGIC!

Our owner Cliff bought a frios franchise in 2018, and not even a year later, he purchased the ENTIRE company. Why?


Cliff was stuck in traffic. (Queue the worst traffic jam of your life, yea, this was that kind of traffic jam.)

He saw a frios stand on the side of the road, and the MAGIC intervened.

Cliff pulled off, walked up to the Frios stand to escape traffic for a minute, and took a bite of his future.

A Key Lime Pie Frios was chosen on this fateful day. It was Cliff’s first flavor, and it transported him to a beach in Florida and out of that crappy traffic. This is the power and magic of a frios.

Cliff was so mesmerized he called his wife and told her, “we are buying a “Popsicle” company.” Randomly buying a dessert company could sound like a crazy statement. Still, Cliff wanted in because of the moment of HAPPINESS and MAGIC it delivered to him while being stuck in traffic. The company has grown from a brick-and-mortar shop to pivoting to survive in the middle of the pandemic of 2020 to tie-dye for food trucks or ice cream trucks.

As Cliff’s vision for Frios has evolved, the happiness it brings stays the same. We love rolling in our tie-dyed “Sweet Rides” to neighborhoods, events, and parties. we love to crash a good party and for sure bring the party too!

These frozen delights on a stick take you away. We have 76-year-olds and kids alike who get so excited to see our “ice cream truck” that we affectionately named it “The Frios Sweet Ride.” we love these moments of joy, happiness, and dignity that we exchange daily with our guests. We love brain freeze, sticky fingers, and a little sugar rush; we know it comes with happiness, laughter, and a moment to SLOW THE HECK DOWN and look for the MAGIC in every damn day.

Our Team

Spreading happiness one Frios at a time

Frios Pops CEO Cliff Kennedy Headshot

cliff kennedy


Cliff is the captain of this ship, also the CEO, the OG. cliff runs a lot. maybe running a lot is an understatement. He’s tough as nails. (search Cliff Kennedy on youtube and peep him running like forest.) he bought a popsicle company. he is intelligent, kind, and driven. His wife is his high school sweetheart. True love still exists. Things that make Cliff happy: Good red juice, aka wine, his 3 little kiddos who keep him running, (they are his world), and Alabama football. He tells us all that his wife is more brilliant than him. Fishing is his happy place.

Our flavors

time to unleash your inner peter pan.

Our franchise

we’re in the happiness business.

and cousin, business is a-boomin’.