Our Story

Frios was started in a garage in Gadsden, Alabama. The original owner wanted to escape corporate life, so he started making frozen pops and selling them at local events. Over the next couple of years, the company grew and sold the first franchise in 2017. Just a few months later, our current owner and CEO, Cliff Kennedy, also started a Frios franchise. It did not take long for Cliff to realize the tremendous potential that Frios pops could have to provide happiness to the Frios guest and freedom for future entrepreneurs. With excitement, enthusiasm, and a love of pops, Cliff bought Frios Corporate on December 21, 2018. The following summer, we moved our headquarters to Mobile, Alabama. Today, our larger manufacturing center and corporate office have given us the opportunity to ramp up production, implement new growth strategies, and provide additional support for our 40+ franchise locations sharing happiness to everyone across the US.

Our Team

Spreading happiness one frios at a time

Frios Pops CEO Cliff Kennedy Headshot

Cliff Kennedy


Cliff is a lifelong resident of Mobile and a proud alumnus of Millsaps College. He spent 13 years working in his family’s business supplying the oil and gas industry with safety equipment and learning the skills necessary to create and grow a business. In 2018, Cliff turned his love of an afternoon popsicle with his children into a side business by becoming the owner of Gulf Coast Treats that have Frios franchise locations in Mobile and Baldwin county.  After a few short months, Cliff could see the raw potential of Frios as a product and as a nationwide brand. He sought out industry connected investors, diverse team members, and strategic partners to acquire the full company. In addition to nurturing a new company and spending time with his wife Abby and their 3 children, Mitchell, Mallie, and Maury, Cliff also participates in ultra-endurance events.

Frios Pops COO Jeff Carter Alternate HeadshotFrios Pops COO Jeff Carter Headshot

Jeff Carter


Jeff is also a lifelong resident of Mobile and a proud alumnus of The University of South Alabama. Jeff is responsible for manufacturing process improvement, quality assurance, facility development, supply chain optimization, and operational efficiency.  Over his career, he has combined process improvement and organizational culture change into his own brand of change leadership from paramedic to policy to pops. Jeff also serves his community as a board member of Fuse Project, a nonprofit dedicated to provide the spark for innovation, funding, and implementation of projects benefiting children along Alabama’s Gulf Coast. Additionally, he serves on the Mobile United steering committee as well as the University of South Alabama Melton Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation advisory board.

Frios Pops Marketing Director Joseph Vogtner Alternate HeadshotFrios Pops Marketing Director Joseph Vogtner Headshot

Joseph Vogtner

Marketing Director

A fellow lifelong resident of Mobile, AL, and a proud alumnus of The University of South Alabama with a degree in Marketing Management. Joseph joined the Frios team in January of 2020. Before joining Frios, Joseph was a part of a small, local marketing agency where he began to learn his chops in the digital marketing world. He makes sure Frios looks cool on the interwebs and reaches as many people as possible while keeping up with all of the latest marketing trends. When Joseph is not in Frios mode, he devotes his time to his local t-shirt company with his older brother, is an avid gamer, loves to cook, and spends his time with his wife Karen and their three fur babies Trixie, Minkah, and Ollie.

Frios Pops Accounting Director Matt Cook Alternate HeadshotFrios Pops Accounting Director Matt Cook Headshot

Matt Cook

Director of Accounting

Matt is a proud alumnus of and played basketball for the University of Mobile where he received his bachelor’s degree in Accounting & Business Management in 2015. Since graduating, Matt has proven himself in his field and joined the Frios team in May of 2021. A native of Pensacola, Florida, Matt now resides in Mobile, Alabama with his wife Morgan, their daughter Raelynn and dog Louie. He is still a basketball fanatic, and when Matt isn’t crunching the numbers for Frios, he enjoys spending his time fishing and likes to consider himself a real card shark.

Our Pops

Remember the carefree days of being a kid? When life was its simplest and stress-free? Have one of our countless flavors and you’ll be quickly reminded. Every Frios Pop is carefully made with love and minimal ingredients for a delicious homemade taste that you will never forget. We have a wide variety of flavors – from fruit-based popsicles (all gluten-free and vegan) to decadent ice cream popsicles, to even a pickle pop. Some even have cookies or candy frozen inside! With this many options and combinations of flavors, there is surely something for everyone and we guarantee a smile will come to your face.

Our Franchise

What started with just a few popsicle molds and a freezer pushcart has grown into the nation’s largest gourmet pop franchising company! Today, over 40 franchise locations have been founded in communities across the US and Frios pops can be found in countless other establishments, stadiums, and restaurants. Keep your eyes peeled for the new Tie-Dye Frios Mobile cruising through your city and neighborhood with good vibes and tasty pops.

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