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corporate events

Corporate events are an excellent way to reward your employees.

Frios is much better than your average pizza party and we can help celebrate your exceptional team. #dontbeaverage

Company picnics.
Employee appreciation days.
Afternoon breaks.
Company anniversaries.
Work meet-ups.

We will come right up to the office doors and throw a little party with music, lights, and bubbles. (All optional, but what’s a party without music, lights, and bubbles?)

How do I book a corporate event with Frios? Check out our “Locations” page and find your closest Frios franchise. Email us a compelling message that says, “can you please bring some happiness to my office?” We will be there, and your party will be way better than pizza.

other crash-worthy parties

you want to celebrate? we got you. click on a party below to find out how frios can crash your next shindig.