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office parties

office parties

“what’s happening? grrreaaat. oh, did you happen to get that memo? gonna need you to plan the birthday party for Dawson and set up the break room.” said some cubicle manager out there.

hopefully, Lumbergh doesn’t really exist, and you aren’t having to listen to greetings like this on a Monday morning. if you do, frios can save the day and you can be the office legend heard around the entire building.

let us crash Dawson’s office birthday party. we will provide the fun and happiness that seems to be a myth around the office. after everyone leaves, we can stock your break room too so you can have the best snacks for days. you can tell the whole office, or it can be our little secret. we won’t say anything.

frios is great for ALL office parties. give us a call. your office will never be the same.

happy birthday girl enjoying a frios pop with a frios pop cart

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