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Frios makes fundraising easy.
It’s our goal: make it fun, fresh, easy, delicious, and brainless.

So how do you go about organizing one?
Let us give you step-by-step instructions.
Contact one of our locations that is local to you.
Click below for the handy dandy location map.
Talk to one of our franchisees.
They have a few different options to see how this can play out for you. (It’s like those “choose your own adventure” books from the 80’s.)

Example options.
1. We can bring the “sweet ride” van, and you can get the people, and we can give you a portion of our proceeds. (If you build it they will come!)
2. You can presell POP coupons. Attendees redeem them, and you are given a part of the proceeds for all coupons sold.

We love giving back to our communities. It’s part of our values as the greater good: frios is rooted in compassion, happiness, and altruism. We want to help.

happy birthday girl enjoying a frios pop with a frios pop cart

other crash-worthy parties

you want to celebrate? we got you. click on a party below to find out how Frios can crash your next shindig.