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we love being the teacher’s pet, and also kids love us.

field day is our jam.

celebrating graduation? we got you.

did your students read one thousand books?

teacher appreciation day?   

LET US PARTY WITH YOU! we will bring the party. you just show up. 

when we think about being kids, ice pops, + school, it fosters nostalgia. we remember simple days of childhood, grass stains on our knees, the smell of dirt, sitting on the ground in the playground. we celebrated the minor moments of life, and there’s something to be said about that.

frios belongs in schools. we would love for you to have us serve your students and staff. we will make EVERYONE happy. for sure it’s a win, easy clean-up, and happy people are always the goal. we are going to make the regular school day exceptional.  bet.

happy students screaming for joy holding frios

other crash-worthy parties

you want to celebrate? we got you. click on a party below to find out how frios can crash your next shindig.