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Happy National Online Learning Day!

Frios pops Stillwater OK Appreciating Teachers

Happy National Online Learning Day!

As education systems across the country get back to class this fall, many students will be returning to class as normal. As in commuting to school and actually going into a classroom. However, the majority of students will be returning the new normal of online learning that has emerged while living during this pandemic. Online learning, in general, is nothing new to students and teachers, but it has drastically changed over the last six months. Students and teachers alike across the country have been challenged with adjusting to the new way to learn and teach. Full-fledged virtual learning involving the entire class being taught via webcam video conference calls has now become the norm. Homework, outlines, directions, assignments, and notes all take place on an internet-connected computer and are shared digitally via email.

Students have to rely on their teachers even more so under the new system of online learning. Since most teachers will not be seeing students in-person, at least for this fall semester, they are challenged with creating new ways to keep students engaged and informed. Learning at home will be difficult for most as they are surrounded by all of their favorite distractions. If they have the opportunity to supervise at home, parents also have a newly added responsibility of assisting the teachers in ensuring their children are indeed paying attention. One thing that remains constant throughout all of the changes with this year’s education is the fact that teachers are and always will be rockstars, heroes, and lifesavers.

Whether your teacher is a rockstar, hero, or lifesaver, maybe even all of the above, he or she deserves to be recognized for doing all the great that they do. There is never a time where teachers should not be appreciated for everything that they do for education. More times than not, teachers are underappreciated and undervalued. To us, this is just unacceptable. Teachers mold the future. Teachers influence our children on how to think and treat others. Teachers work way too hard and handle a lot of stress just to make sure our children are properly educated. They ought to be praised and admired for consistently performing in years passed as well as for overcoming the hurdles 2020 has posed.

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In honor of our amazing teachers, let’s show them some love on National Online Learning Day 2020. Show your favorite teacher your appreciation by giving them a pack of Frios pops! There is no doubt they are experiencing additional stress this school year and thankfully, Frios pops are just about proven to bring a smile to any person’s face, too. All of our franchise locations across the country provide their own sort of teacher appreciation pop packs and our flavors are nearly limitless. Many have even already partnered with their local schools to bring pops to the teachers and students alike while everyone tries to navigate through this weird school year. If you know of a teacher or a school that could use some much-deserved appreciation, check out our list of Frios locations to find happiness nearest you.