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How To Stay Positive In 2020

two happy men enjoying king cake frios pops

I think I can speak for everyone when I say that this year has not been the best of years in recent history. Natural disasters seem to be happening weekly. Racial tensions and injustices are at historic heights. The world is struggling with containing a highly contagious and fatal virus that is wreaking havoc on all aspects of our human nature. Many teachers across the country are returning to classrooms only to teach to their students at home via webcam. One thing after the other, just when we thought it couldn’t get any worse, 2020 has always had something else waiting up its sleeve. This has been the most consistently unfortunate year I think I can recall in my 29 years of existence. Thank the Lord for football, though. At least we can now attempt to escape reality for a few hours a week.

The continuous bad vibes and negative energy that this year has cultivated are not things we believe in at Frios Gourmet Pops. We believe everyone deserves to be able to live life care-free. To be able to be happy for no particular reason whatsoever. To celebrate the little things in life that make you happy. To simply indulge and enjoy the sweeter things in life. Sometimes the little things in life are really the most important things. Don’t take life or anything in your life for granted. Hug your kids, your mom and dad, girlfriend, boyfriend, husband, wife, or pets. Whoever it is that makes you happy. Tell them you love them. Hear it back from them. Consciously think about the love you share with one another. Smile at each other. These are the simple things and this is what true happiness is all about. To quote the late John Lennon and beloved Paul McCartney, “all you need is love.”

All of the negative outcomes from this year have consumed our minds causing us to focus on that negativity and forget how to be happy, which means it is that much more imperative that we are successful at what we do. We cannot control how the world acts and reacts to things, but one thing we can do is to share the love of Frios and bring happiness back into the picture. Our company’s mission is simple. To create a family of empowered entrepreneurs, to share happiness with the entire world, and to live and lead with a good vibes only vision. Our popsicles bring a smile to any face that takes a bite and will remind you what its like to be happy. We essentially sell happiness on a stick and our flavor catalog is nearly limitless meaning there is a flavor for even the pickiest eater. We have to figure out how to input Frios into the lives of every human being and I’d say we are off to a great start.

If you are tired of worrying about what bad news 2020 is going to bring next, let us help you bring some happiness back into your life. Frios pops are located throughout the US with over forty franchise locations in 13 states and counting. We are rapidly growing and if we’re not in a town near you we will be before you know it! Check us out to find the Frios location nearest you and get ready for all the good vibes. Happy Monday everyone! Stay optimistic throughout your week and manifest the positivity into your life. Make an effort to show your love to one another. I promise good things will come from it. Oh yeah, and with a little help from Frios, we will all get through this crazy year together.