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Bring Frios Pops to Gameday

frios pops football graphic

Do you guys hear that? Football is back! One of America’s favorite times of year is finally here. Leaves are beginning to fall, the air is getting cooler, you can just about get pumpkin spice anything, and the nation’s favorite sport has returned. However, this will be no typical football season. In efforts to reduce the spread of COVID-19, college football conferences have shortened their seasons and are only competing within their conferences. Crowd attendance at the games has basically been eliminated throughout both college and professional levels, too. The football viewing experience will be much different this year for fans as they will have to adjust to primarily viewing games at home on television or at their favorite restaurant or sports bar. As a major fan of the sport, I am just happy to have football period.

What won’t be different this football season is the home football party. Football parties have become traditions for many friends and families and they will be even more popular this year due to crowd-less games. And whenever there is a large group of people watching football together, there is going to be food. Lots and lots of food. Heck, my favorite thing about football parties in the fall is setting up a TV outside and firing up the grill. You can always count on the best food at a football party. Chicken wings, hamburgers, hot dogs, mac n cheese, potato salad, cookies, cakes, and desserts are staples when it comes to the backyard football barbeque.

If you’re hosting or attending a football party this year you are going to want to have that one thing that will wow your friends and family. Deep down everyone wants to be responsible for the best dish at the party. Myself included. Well, this year you will achieve your dreams and will be the talk of the town if you show up with Frios Gourmet Pops! Frios pops are great for football parties because they are a handheld and easy to eat, have a wide variety of flavors, and they are individually wrapped to eliminate the fear of any contamination. It’s a fact that these things will bring a smile to anyone’s face even if their team is down forty points. With so many flavors to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect flavor for everyone too.

If you don’t like any of your other football party ideas or if you’re just ready to bring the next best thing, check us out and find the closest Frios location near you! Many of our 40+ franchise locations across the country offer football party packs so you can bring the coolest treat to the next big game. Some locations even offer delivery. Expecting a larger group at your party? Ask your nearest Frios location about their catering options. Many locations have freezer carts, electric chest freezers, or even pop trailers or the new Frios Fun Van! I think its safe to say having Frios pops at your next football party is the safest lock of the season.