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Facebook Ads VS Google Ads

Facebook Ads versus Google Ads

Should you be using Facebook Ads or Google Ads for your online advertising?

The answer really depends on how you want to execute your advertisement. Sometimes digital marketing and advertising can seem daunting, but if you can understand the strengths of each advertising platform (Facebook and Google) you will soon realize it is not so scary. To help understand the difference between the two, I will break down the main strengths of each platform below.

Facebook Ads:

Nowadays, video ads receive higher audience engagement, but if you don’t think your video ad game is strong enough you can be perfectly fine with an image and an engaging caption. The beauty of Facebook Ads is that you can force that ad into people’s newsfeeds. Facebook allows you to select between different geographical locations, demographics, interests, and so much more that allows you to segment your audience to be as defined as you’d like. Facebook will even give you tips along the way if you are getting too specific or broad with your segmenting. Another cool feature with Facebook Ads is the ability to make your single ad dynamic. This means you can upload a handful of varying images or videos, captions, and call to actions for the same ad, and Facebook’s algorithm will decide when and where to mix them up to get the best results.

Google Ads:

The main difference between Facebook Ads and Google Ads is that with Google Ads, you are placing ads for people that are already searching for you. With Facebook, the audience you are advertising to may not necessarily know who you are and you place that ad in front of them, but with Google, those people are already aware and they are trying to find you. Setting up ads based on certain keyword searches is the bread and butter with Google Ads and you can also create your ads to be dynamic just like with Facebook to get the most out of your ad spending.

At the end of the day, if you want to guarantee to be noticed online you are going to have to pay to be seen. It is recommended that you run Facebook Ads and Google Ads simultaneously to ensure that you are reaching the maximum amount of people to experience the maximum amount of results. These ad platforms really do work and if you can devote the time to learn how to use the two systems then your business will definitely be on the right track for capitalizing on online advertising.