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From Uncertainty to Certainty

sidewalk chalk art of frios pops logo

“There are just so many unknowns. I don’t know what to believe.”

How many times have you heard this during the pandemic? 

Adjusting to this “new normal” that we all now know has not been an easy feat. The virus came out of nowhere and has conditioned us to become uncertain in almost every aspect of life. Well, here is one thing that is for certain. Frios Gourmet Pops offers an amazingly unique way to become a business owner during a pandemic. Frios offers pre-packaged gourmet popsicles that are sold out of their very own customized, mobile, franchise vans. With many people feeling uncomfortable having someone else prepare their food or with the possibility of contracting COVID-19, Frios franchisees are able to spread happiness in a safe environment and in a safe manner. With 100+ flavors to choose from, I can say with confidence Frios pops are not lacking in ways to share a smile!

Not only is our new mobile franchise system the safest way to bring pops to the people, but it also enables our franchisees the utmost flexibility. Our franchisees are easily capable of reaching their customers at their places of work, neighborhoods, parks, sporting events, company picnics; literally almost anywhere! We have seen driveways colored with sidewalk chalk saying “Thank you Frios! Stop here!”, and letters from children drawing our pops and saying how happy the pops make them. In a world full of uncertainty, one thing you can be certain of is that Frios Pops will make you smile.

Are you in need of a smile? Find the Frios location nearest you!