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how much are frios pops?

how much are frios pops?

frios gourmet pops are a delicious, (sometimes) healthy snack that moms, dads, and kids of all ages love. But how much do they cost? In this blog post, we’ll break down the price for frios pops so you know what to expect when you’re shopping for them. Plus, we’ll give you some tips on how to save money on your next purchase. Thanks for reading!

frios pops locations can be found across the Southeast in many different shapes and sizes. some of our older locations still have the good ole’ fashioned brick and mortar storefront that you physically go to (remember those?) while some others and all of our newer locations are strictly mobile in the form of our Sweet Rides. these things offer much more flexibility for our franchisees and customers alike. don’t worry! all frios locations carry all of the most popular gourmet flavors so you can find your favorite in St. Augustine, FL and in Detroit, MI. not sure if frios is near you? check out our locations page to find the closest frios store or Sweet Ride and get your hands on some pure happiness. you won’t regret it.

you’ve found frios. congratulations! so what should you expect when you’re shopping for frios pops? first of all, you can expect the most incredible combination of flavor and texture in such a small frozen treat. you will never, ever want to spend money on another popsicle again. with something as amazing as the best gourmet popsicle in the world with the most incredible flavors and textures, you would think that you’d be paying an arm and both of your legs for it. well, you sir or madam would be wrong. frios is a smart shopper’s dream come true. frios pops are extremely affordable, costing just a mere $3 to $4 each at frios locations across the Southeast. almost all of our locations offer some kinds of discounts, too. are you a military veteran? next time find yourself at your favorite frios location ask about our military discount. maybe you’re buying more than one frios, like 5 or 6 or 7. heck, buy 20! we’re not gonna say anything. you will find a bulk discount at many of our frios locations as well. always keep an eye out for that random “national” day, too! we have many gourmet flavors that have their own “national day” and deserve their own discount (blueberry cheesecake day is one of our favorite days around here).

don’t have frios near you? no problem! frios is currently looking to expand to your neck of the woods and is on the hunt for all Happiness Hustlers. do you know someone that would be a good fit for a frios franchise? maybe it is you who is eager to take on the next chapter in life as the Happiness Huster™ in their own community. frios has opportunities available in many prime territories in the US. you can take a look at available territories as well as find all information regarding the frios franchise here.