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Top 5 Spring and Summer Events for frios

frios sweet ride at a block party

Bring me warm weather and cool pops

When spring and summer come around, there is one thing we look forward to more than anything: frios. Spring and summer are our favorite times of the year here at frios gourmet pops, especially for the events! Usually times like these call for celebrating with friends and family outdoors in the warm weather, so naturally, we want nothing more than a refreshingly cold frios gourmet pop to wash away the heat and make our happy time that much happier.

While there’s no shortage of events happening this spring and summer all over the country, some events are just perfect for a frios experience. So what events are the truly magical ones? We ranked the top 5 events of spring and summer for the perfect frios experience.

Top 5 spring and summer events for a frios experience

  1. Neighborhood Visits
  2. Block Parties
  3. Festivals
  4. Pool Parties
  5. Birthdays

Neighborhood Visits

One of the great things about frios is that we love getting out and meeting our customers. During the warm season, we like to ride around your neighborhood old-school ice cream truck style! Keep your eyes peeled for the tie-dye and ears open for the happiest music you can imagine. Our neighborhood visits are a great opportunity to come say hi and enjoy a delicious frios pop right in your own front yard.

Block Parties

What’s a better way to kick off the summer than with a block party? Are we right or are we right? All your friends and family hanging out in the middle of the street with food, drinks and music. Sounds like a great day to us. frios is a super cool and fun addition to any neighborhood’s block party. We can drive right up, set up shop and bring all the pops you could possibly want for your guests. With flavors like birthday cake, cookies ‘n cream, and strawberry mango, we know there will be something for everyone. Don’t get mad when we win the dance party, just sayin’.


Festivals are one of the best events for frios pops. There’s usually a great atmosphere, awesome music, and tons of people to meet. Plus, there’s usually a wide variety of food options so you can get your grub on and then wash it down with a scrumptious frios pop. Festivals are usually at night, too, meaning we can let the Sweet Ride’s neon lights dance in all its glory just like the rest of us. Seriously the perfect environment for our Sweet Rides to deliver plenty of happiness to thousands of peeps!

Pool Parties

What could be better than swimming all day and enjoying a cold frios pop at the same time? Not much, we’d say. There’s no debate that pool parties are a tremendous way to cool down during summertime. You also cannot argue the fact that a refreshingly cold frios pop is a fantastic way to cool down, too. So, if you combine a splashing pool party with a few hundred frios pops you are well into one of the best days of your life. Enjoy it!


Birthdays are a special day no matter what age you are, but they’re especially awesome and magical when frios is involved. What’s not to love about getting together with your loved ones, eating some delicious food, opening presents, AND enjoying a frios pop? It’s a triple threat of fun. We just love people and we love celebrating people and we love making people happy. Especially on their birthdays! Our birthday party package is the perfect way to make your day even more special.

Find a frios near you and bring us your next spring and summer event

So there you have it, the top 5 events for a frios experience this spring and summer. Whether you’re just in the neighborhood, at the block party, at the biggest festival of the summer, cannonballing at a pool party, or celebrating another year of life, let frios join you! Check out our locations page and find the closest frios near you and let’s have a party.