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Frios in Melissa, TX
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Melissa, TX

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75454, 76227, 75424, 76258, 75009, 75409, 75407, 75098, 75087, 75094


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about Frios in Melissa, TX

Frios Gourmet Pops is serving Melissa, Aubrey and the surrounding areas.
Book our Frios Sweet Ride to come “crash your party.”

Frios elicits magical moments of pause, nostalgia, and reminders of what brings people happiness. The dessert on a stick harnesses the ability to spark an instance where individuals can stop and relish in their moment of joy, no matter the environment. Offered in a wide variety of flavors, Frios are made with quality ingredients and real fruit, empowering customers of all tastes to enjoy a Frios and reminisce on the carefree days of childhood.