9 Best Christmas Flavors To Try This Holiday 2020

Cookies & Milk Frios pop

One thing you can count on when the Christmas holiday rolls around is there is no lack in abundance of Christmas flavors. Check out 9 Christmas Frios flavors to keep an eye out for this holiday:

  1. Frozen Hot Chocolate
    1. I can picture it now. Getting cozy on the couch in front of a fireplace, with the warm and fuzzy socks on, looking at the fire’s shadow dance across the hanging stockings and nestled Christmas presents. All of this with a Frozen Hot Chocolate Frios. Plenty of marshmallows included. Who said hot chocolate has to be hot?
  2. Christmas Tree Cake
    1. You know the little Christmas tree cakes you get from the grocery store? Take those and throw them into a popsicle. Yep. These little guys are full of Christmas spirit and flavor alike and make for the best holiday treat.
  3. Eggnog
    1. You either love it or you hate it. I myself LOVE eggnog. I drink the adult version every year out of my coveted Marty Moose mug just like Clark Griswold and Cousin Eddie. This year may call for a change in tradition. The Eggnog Frios is like taking a mug of your favorite drink and freezing it on a stick. It’s so good! Eggnog lovers are sure to be pleased.
  4. Cookies & Milk
    1. My favorite pop on the list, hands down. This pop is so simple, but boy is it so good. It starts with a classic vanilla base and then we fill that with a couple of deliciously crunchy chocolate chip cookies. Having the creamy and crunchy textures together will remind you of dunking your favorite chocolate chip cookie into a tall glass of milk, all in one bite. Don’t tell Santa about this one!
  5. Chocolate Peppermint
    1. Classic milk chocolate and minty fresh peppermint get comfortable with each other in this Frios pop. Creamy texture and familiar Christmas flavor. Just add friends.
  6. Gingerbread
    1. And then there was gingerbread. Now, I know it won’t sound like much at first, but you do not want to miss trying this pop this holiday season. We make cookie butter ice cream, mix that with some seasonal spices and vanilla, and then throw in gingersnap cookies right in the middle. All before getting nice and frozen together. This thing is seriously good and a must-try for any gingerbread fanatic.
  7. Pecan Pie
    1. Everyone’s favorite holiday dessert pie gets the Frios treatment. Our Pecan Pie pop is rich and creamy with a great maple and pecan flavor. Pecan pieces and graham cracker pieces throughout the pop give it that crunchy texture that is so familiar with pecan pie. Add in some familiar spices to bring this Christmas Frios full circle.
  8. Black Forest Cake
    1. First off, if you’ve never tried a black forest cake, you should change that. Secondly, you will definitely want to check out our black forest cake pop during the holidays. This festive popsicle comes fully loaded with a chocolate cake ice cream base, fresh cherries, and sweet whipped cream. It is actually one of the reasons why people say “it’s the most wonderful time of the year.”
  9. Peppermint White Chocolate
    1. Everyone knows that peppermint and chocolate together is a no-brainer. However, our peppermint white chocolate pop is something you just have to experience for yourself. A tastefully sweet pop containing white chocolate chips, cream, and peppermint flavoring. There’s just something about this creamy popsicle that keeps me coming back for more.

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