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what is frios?

what is frios?

we would love to tell you that frios was made by elves, fairies, or Oompa Loompas because there is so much magic in these frozen treats on a stick (serious, serious amounts of magic, but nothing illegal).

so what is Frios? you might think that frios is a popsicle, but frios is more than just a frozen dessert.

  • frios is fun. frios is enjoyable and lighthearted. we hope it is amusing. we do NOT take ourselves too seriously.
  • frios is inclusive and accepting. frios and frios joy should be available to everyone. frios embraces being different and offers respect for everybody.
  • frios is happiness. we work hard and try to remember to weave in laughter, smiles, and joy into all we do. happiness is what we sell.
  • frios is edgy. we live life with a bit of PEP in our step (if you know what we mean…).
  • frios supports the community and the greater good. frios is rooted in compassion, community, and altruism.

frios started in a tiny garage years ago, trying to escape the doldrums of life. we continue to try to escape the ordinary monotony by employing humans who try to live magically every day. we call ourselves “Happiness Hustlers.”

(queue any Beyonce or any song that really makes you happy, like REALLY REALLY happy.)

frios is an experience. think of something that brings you back to what it feels like to be a kid. that’s frios. something that reminds you of a friend or a loved one. that’s frios. frios is all about FEELING. certain things make you feel some type of way. frios takes away all of your worries, makes you feel happy, loving, and laid-back. all at the same time. it just so happens that we also have incredible, gourmet flavors with a favorite for every dessert lover. from deliciously creamy Blueberry Cheesecake to refreshingly tropical Strawberry Mango. 

now you know what frios is. it’s amazing, isn’t it? who wouldn’t want a delicious frozen dessert that takes your worries away and makes you feel like a kid again? you’re now probably wondering where you can find these happiness-filled desserts on a stick. frios can be found and enjoyed in many different states and cities in the US by way of our groovy Sweet Rides. our tie-dye wrapped, neon light flashing, fun music blaring ice cream vans are just like the vans you remember from your childhood, just less creepy and more fun. check out our map locator to find frios happiness nearest you and start feeling like a kid again!

we also franchise! do you like to share happiness with others and like to be a part of your community? if you answered yes, then you might just be our next Happiness Hustler™! we are currently searching for all Happiness Hustlers out there to join our quickly growing family of joy-bringers. Head on over to our franchise site to learn more about the frios Sweet Ride franchise and how you can bring frios to your community!