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Top 5 Trending Christmas Flavors 2021

frios christmas flavors

What do Christmas and the holiday season remind you of? Is it the colors, the smells, or all of the decorations everywhere? 


Maybe the music (We are the crazies who start listening to Christmas music on November 1 around the frios office.) 


The most important things during the Christmas and holiday season are family and friends. (Besides the new Xbox, or iPhone.) Being able to spend time with people you care about is very important. But then there’s food. Food is life. Food brings everyone together. What would family get-togethers be without food? BORING! GET IN MY BELLY. 


You may think to yourself, “I wouldn’t think about eating a popsicle when it’s cold.” Well, you would be dead wrong. frios has some tremendously mouth-watering Christmas/Holiday flavors that are a must-try this Christmas and holiday season. 


We want you to eat these while it’s cold because it’s not wrong. 


These nostalgic flavors will bring you right back to Grandma’s house in front of that fireplace. Here are frios’ top five Christmas flavors/flavor trends for the 2021 holiday/Christmas season.


  1. Christmas Tree Cake: Have you ever had a Little Debbie Christmas Tree Cake®? It’s freaking amazing. Well, imagine that, but in a popsicle form. This frios comes jam-packed with Christmas flavor and colors alike. Try one out with your kids. Or don’t. We won’t say anything if you eat it as an adult. That’s the point, feel like a kid again. 
  2. Peppermint White Chocolate: Combining any chocolate flavor with peppermint is an old Christmas tradition. The Peppermint White Chocolate frios is something to be taken seriously. Deliciously smooth white chocolate mixed with crisp peppermint makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.
  3. Gingerbread: Gingerbread fans, get in here! We take drool-worthy cookie butter and make ice cream out of it. Then we stick gingersnap cookies directly in the center for an unforgettable crunchy surprise. If you were one of those kids who loved making gingerbread houses during the holidays, this frios is just for you.
  4. Chocolate Peppermint: If you thought Peppermint White Chocolate was as good as it gets, wait till you try this one. We use our popular, regular chocolate base pop, dip it in a white chocolate shell, and sprinkle it all over with tiny, crunchy peppermint pieces. Smooth and creamy chocolate with crunchy peppermint bits sounds and tastes like Christmas to us.
  5. Cookies & Milk: And then there is Cookies & Milk—the creme de la creme. I mean, heck, that’s all Santa comes to your house for anyways, right?! Imagine a glass of cold milk with two crunchy, sweet chocolate chip cookies. Now imagine that frozen together in a frios. BOOM. Beware of leaving these out for Santa as they would probably be gone before he arrives. Just sayin’. (Mom and Dad, hands-off.) 


Now, these are just a few of our favorites. frios has other Christmas flavors that we think everyone should try this holiday season. They make for great gifts, last-minute desserts, and just little treats for yourself. Have a holiday party? Let us crash it. If you need some frios Christmas flavors, check out our locations to find the closest frios near you and get your frios fix. We would love to be a part of your holiday traditions.