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Frios Franchisee quit teaching and now makes 6-figures per year

Sonya Matthews Frios Franchisee

Sonya Matthews was an elementary teacher in Georgia for 20 years. In 2018, she decided to make her passion for entrepreneurship a reality. After considering several business options, a friend told her about Frios pops.

“From the moment I tasted the pops, I was sold. I tried them on a Friday, and on Monday I called the owner and asked how I could buy my own franchise.”

Frios franchisee makes $150k per year

“Since then, I’ve sold Frios ice pops for birthday parties, corporate events, and tailgates; I’ve opened brick-and-mortar stores; and I now make $150,000 more a year than I did as a teacher.”

Frios is not only the largest popsicle franchise in the world but also offers a low-cost option to franchisees who want to have fun while building a business.

Our whole concept is selling happiness on a stick, it’s that simple!

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