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frios loves teachers! Teacher Appreciation Week 2022

frios teacher appreciation week

Teacher Appreciation Week 2022 is right around the corner, May 2 through May 6 with National Teacher Day on Tuesday, May 3. now more than ever frios is thankful for our teachers and we are continuously amazed at what they accomplish. the past couple of years has been a rollercoaster of emotions for all of us humans, especially those that are educating our future workforce. these special people had to endure developing virtual teaching plans all of a sudden, briefly returning back to in-classroom teaching, dropping everything again and going back to virtual learning, and finally getting right back into that classroom. all the while answering hundreds of questions that no one knows the answer to from frustrated parents trying to understand what the heck was going on. whew!

anyone who has had to endure that timeline of events deserves some love and appreciation. not just any love and appreciation, but something unique and unforgettable. you’ve probably scoured the internet trying to find new ways to show your gratitude for the teachers you know. we know we’ve seen the generic lists of ideas too. this is where frios comes in. let us help you celebrate the teachers in your life! frios loves teachers and we love celebrating them too. a frios pop can change anyone’s day or life no matter what, so they make the perfect gift for the superstar teacher that you know. we can make it easy for everyone. just let us know what you need and where to be and we can make it happen. our frios Sweet Rides have made creating and sharing happiness so much easier and now we can crash just about any party in just about any location. whether you need a cooler full of frios pops delivered or you want the super groovy Sweet Ride to pull up to school, frios is the unique and unforgettable answer you were looking for. teachers and students will be begging you to bring frios back!

if this sounds like the best idea ever to you (we know it does) then say no more. head over to our frios Sweet Ride locator and find some happiness near you. drop us a line with details about the special teacher or teachers you are celebrating and how many pops we should bring. an official Happiness Hustler™ will contact you shortly after and you will be well on your way to making a lucky teacher’s best day ever. making teachers happy is one of our most favorite things to do and we just love getting the opportunity to do so, so we thank you for making that possible!