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Frios Franchise Experience

frios pops franchise sweet ride van

Since becoming franchisees for Frios Gourmet Pops, work-life has been awesome. My husband and I recently joined the Frios Family and are now driving the new Frios Fun Van. The culture at this company is next level and these guys are super fun and genuinely want you to be as successful as possible. They have provided us with everything we need in order to do just that and it has been a wild ride.

As we were looking for a cool new franchise to be a part of we stumbled upon Frios and their “fun van.” We were skeptical about the actual awesomeness of this vehicle at first and it almost sounded too good to be true, but our gut instinct was screaming that this was what we were looking for. Well, our guts were right. This thing is amazing! It is fully wrapped in Frios tie-dye, has a built-in external speaker system, alternating neon lights inside and out, a slide-top freezer inside, and a built-in generator to keep everything running smoothly and keep the popsicles ice cold. It’s got everything we need. We know we are the coolest thing on the streets carrying the best popsicles in the world. It has been a blast driving through neighborhoods ice cream truck style. You can imagine the looks! Kids and parents alike come running out to the street to grab a Frios. The Fun Van also makes catering life easier by giving us the capability to set up at almost any location or under any condition.

We could keep going about this thing because we are so excited to be a part of this franchise. To sum things up these are our favorite things about being a mobile franchisee with Frios and driving the Frios Fun Van:

  1. Everything we need is packaged into one, awesome vehicle.
  2. The pops speak for themselves. The flavors are amazing
  3. We have continuous corporate support
  4. Ease of access for events
  5. Eye-popping tie-dye branding and the neon lights. Can’t miss this thing
  6. Being able to bring smiles to peoples faces

As entrepreneurs and new franchisees of Frios Gourmet Pops, we highly recommend checking out the Fun Van opportunity if you are thinking about joining a franchise business. We are beyond glad about the choice we made to join Frios. The best thing in life are Frios!