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How to Take a Good Instagram Photo With Your Phone

guavanade frios pop in the summer

Figuring out how to get that perfect photo for your Instagram account can prove to be more than simply taking a photo and posting it to your feed. At the same time, it actually can be that simple if you understand the difference between brightness, contrast, and saturation and how each of those affects different types of pictures. Smartphone cameras have come a significantly long way since Instagram became a thing in 2010. Nowadays the quality of our devices makes it possible to get away with taking a picture directly from your phone and post to Instagram or Facebook and no one will know the difference.

Having a product-focused Instagram feed usually requires putting in a little more work into editing your photos before they are posted. After all, you want your photos and the products in your photos to look beautiful and engaging to the consumer. In addition to looking great, its important for each post to convey the experience of Frios. Here are 3 tips to keep that Instagram feed looking top-notch.

  1. Setting up your phone – Before even thinking about the shot you want to take, take into account these two things about mobile device cameras
    1. Lighting is key for any photo. Have you ever taken a photo with the sun very bright and then later you look at the photo and it is over-exposed? Usually, mobile device cameras over exaggerate the natural qualities of a photo resulting in some areas of the photo being too bright. It can be a safe bet to take an under-exposed photo and edit it afterward to get the right look. When taking a photo, tap and hold the screen in the brightest area of your screen, locking the focus on that particular exposure. Don’t be afraid to play with different lighting, different times of the day, and different angles.
    2. Another thing to look for before taking a picture is your HDR (High Dynamic Range) settings. Most phones now come with HDR already enabled and can make a picture look overdone right off the bat. Check your camera settings to make sure this feature is disabled.
  2. Capturing the right shot
    1. A good shot starts with the right composition – The Rule of Thirds is a good way to ensure your composition is compelling. This easy to remember rule has the photographer align a subject within the “grid” which allows the image to flow properly throughout the frame. 
    2. Pro Tip: You can turn your grid on by going to your camera settings and making sure the grid option is enabled.
    3. When you add the rule of thirds to great lighting, you are well on your way to an amazing and engaging feed. With these tools mastered, you will then have a nice consistency to your feed which will be appealing to the consumer when they view your account from a bird’s eye view. Don’t be afraid to experiment until you get the right feel. Try sticking to similar images and themes throughout your photos as well. Shoutout to Frios Denton.
  3. Post-production and editing techniques
    1. Now you have a great photo for Instagram, but how do you take it to the next level? There are so many good photo editing apps available today, and believe me, it can be overwhelming on which one to go with. Some apps have capabilities that others don’t so play around with some and find the one you like for your processes. To get you started, here are a couple of apps that I use on a daily basis that will turn your awesome photo into a jaw-dropper.
      1. Quickshot, by Lightricks is my go-to app. It is very user friendly with an appealing interface. It has awesome editing features including various filters, tools, and different elements available to be added to your photo. Lightricks has a family of apps that go into video, animation, and much more that I highly recommend for any Instagrammer.
      2. VSCO is another user-friendly app to use when looking to make that photo pop. The app has many pre-set looks and filters that can be applied with the tap of a finger. Ensuring consistency throughout your entire Instagram feed is easily attainable with the use of this app.
      3. Instagram has very basic and able editing capabilities on its own. Don’t be afraid to edit your photo directly in the Instagram app.
      4. Even with these great tools, raw candid shots that have great composition and lighting will work every time.

The golden rule I always revert to when composing a photo for Instagram is K.I.S.S. Keep it simple, well, you get the idea. With all of the different photo-taking techniques and editing apps and procedures, it can be very easy to get frustrated and overwhelmed. After all, you are just posting a photo to Instagram, right? Take it slow, focus on the basics, get a good photo editing app, and keep it consistent. If you can accomplish all of these things together you will garner engagement and followers with ease.