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Top 3 Funkiest Frios Flavors

Tamarind Frios Gourmet Pops

Over the years, Frios has had opportunities to concoct some funky pop flavors. Being in the ice pop business opens up the door to be able to put just about anything into a popsicle. We have made a “hottest pop” challenge which was a chocolate base popsicle mixed with pure capsaicin to create a very, very spicy, and sweet popsicle. During Mardi Gras, we like to make a couple of pops for the season with our king cake pop and banana moonpie pop. We have even been known to take our favorite Girl Scout Cookies and freeze them inside of our pops as well. Talk about funky! Some other funky flavors that we have created include cucumber lime, horchata, peanut butter and jelly, eggnog, and tamarind. Don’t worry I wasn’t too sure what tamarind was at first either.

I know you may be thinking, “how much funkier can it get?” In honor of #nationalgetfunkyday, here are my top 3 funky Frios flavors that are ranked based not only on their level of funkiness but also on the popularity among our Frios customers.

Pistachio Pop Frios Gourmet Pops

#3 Pistachio

I always hear mixed reviews on the pistachio pop, but I know its just because it is one of those things where you either love pistachios or you hate them. I am a pistachio fan, and the pistachio pop does not disappoint. This pistachio-green pop is rich, creamy, slightly sweet, and holds the nutty pistachio flavor throughout. It is a good mixture of savory and sweet which is a contrast of flavors that I always love to experience. Our pistachio pop only produced once a year during the month of March. The beginning of spring when everything is green and bright is the perfect time for such a pop. Be on the lookout next spring for this funky Frios fan favorite!

Avocado Lime Frios Pop

#2 Avocado Lime

Avocado lime is another one of those flavor combinations that people either really love it or really hate it, making it a solid #2 on my list of funkiest Frios flavors. The avocado lime pop is much more popular than the pistachio pop, making production runs a few times a year in March, June, and September. This pop is also a creamy pop in texture with strong avocado and lime flavor throughout. It is very avocado-green since the pop is basically a frozen mixture of avocado and lime. I prefer the pistachio funk over the avocado-lime funk, but the people have spoken and numbers don’t lie. Keep an eye out for this creamy and green funky pop in a Frios location near you.

Frios® Nutritional Information Fruity Pebbles

#1 Fruity Pebbles

You may not think the fruity pebbles pop is not necessarily very funky, but it is by far the most popular pop that falls under the funky umbrella. The fruity pebbles pop is so popular in fact, that it is one of our signature pops which means it is produced all year long. It is a general consensus that all Frios fans love this pop! Our classic vanilla base pop contains your favorite fruity cereal throughout for an unforgettable popsicle experience. I hear from many customers that this pop reminds them of the end of the bowl, where the cereal begins to become slightly soggy, and the milk has taken on a hint of the cereal flavor. So, if we have a pop that is basically a bowl of soggy cereal, then that is definitely funky in my book! Try the fruity pebbles pop today! This pop should be available in every Frios location across the US no matter the season.