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Show us Your Frios Face!

happy child mind blown after first taste of frios pops

There are many things that happen as a result of eating a Frios pop. Getting the urge to eat a second Frios pop. Experiencing fits of pure joy. Constantly thinking about the next Frios pop you will get to have. While I can say from experience that all of these things do in fact happen, there is one more side-effect that occurs after eating a Frios pop. That side-effect would be the inevitable smile that is brought to the face which has just eaten the pop. We like to call this face a Frios Face. Frios Faces’ are sweeping the nation as more and more people have the opportunity to try a Frios for the very first time.

Frios Face

When you first experience Frios Face, there is no need to consult your physician or to panic. This is a safe side-effect caused by eating the best popsicle in the world. Every Frios franchise location across the country has reported Frios Face sightings and we are receiving initial reports that Frios Face is in fact contagious. If you are not sure if you have experienced Frios Face yet, please consult your local Frios location about finding the right Frios for you. With countless flavor options, we can find the right Frios flavor for you.

Check out our Facebook and Instagram profiles and also search the hashtag #friosface for examples of Frios Face, like the pictures below. If you or someone you know needs to experience Frios Face, visit our locations page on our website to find the Frios location nearest you! If you have already experienced Frios Face and would like to share yours, please send us your pictures on Facebook and Instagram and we will feature you. Seeing new Frios Faces daily keeps us going!