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The Frios Menu

numerous frios pops in a bin

Being in the frozen dessert and popsicle industry, flavor options are nearly limitless. You can make just about any flavor, dessert, or drink into a popsicle, and believe me when I say we have tried just about everything there is. The Frios menu is a large collection of flavors that span from the typical cookies & cream to avocado-lime to even pops with actual Girl Scout Cookies inside! 

Signature Pops

The Frios menu is something that is always evolving with flavors coming and going as we figure out which flavors are the best for you. As the Frios menu stands right now, we have a solid group of classic flavors that are produced all year long. We like to call these pops our signature flavors and are available on all Frios menus at all of our franchise locations. Some of our signature flavors include pink lemonade, blueberry cheesecake, strawberry mango, and birthday cake. Check out all of our signature flavors and their nutritional information here.

Frios® Nutritional Information Cookies & Cream Frios® Nutritional Information Strawberry Mango

Carousel Pops

The coolest thing to me about the Frios menu is our carousel pops. Our carousel pops consist of flavors that we make only during certain months of the year. All of these flavors rotate throughout the year with many of them appearing more than once. By splitting the Frios menu into two sections, we have maximized our production ability and also have created the right balance of all flavors available at one point in time. Our carousel flavors consist of delicious seasonal flavors as well such as pumpkin spice latte, candy bar, frozen hot chocolate, cookies & milk, and gingerbread. Take a look at what current carousel pops are available today here.

While we have so many flavors to offer, the Frios menu varies from location to location. Visit our locations page to find the Frios location nearest you and check in with them to find out which awesome flavors they have on their Frios menu!