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The Sunday Scaries

amy from frios pops gets scared

The term “Sunday Scaries” seems to have become prominent within the past few years or so, but the general notion of dreading the return to a school or work week after a nice weekend has been around for centuries. The fear and anxiety that come the Sunday evening before returning to work or school are very real and very debilitating. Sometimes that can be the only thing people think about which can cause to ruin the ending of their weekend. Joe Pinsker, a writer for The Atlantic, goes into great detail about the dreadful feeling in his blog on Sunday Scaries. He goes to show that this feeling has been around for ages, doesn’t necessarily mean one hates their job and there are initial findings on ways to combat the feeling.

At Frios Gourmet Pops, we use the Sunday Scaries as a form to combat itself. To us, the term carries a slightly different meaning. Since a big portion of what we do as a company is striving to deliver happiness in any way whatsoever, we have taken the Sunday Scaries and turned them into something happy. We like to use Sundays as the day to post videos of the scaring shenanigans that take place at Frios Gourmet Pops headquarters to our Facebook and Instagram feeds. Everyone at the HQ gets involved and sometimes the scaring gets very creative. The fact that we are located in such a large production facility allows for nearly unlimited hiding options for the perfect spot to jump out and give someone a little fright. 

This is an ongoing thing around the Frios headquarters. It never stops. I have to constantly be prepared to walk around a corner or when walking into an empty office or down a long hallway. You never know, someone could be hiding anywhere. The scaring is usually performed by our leader, Cliff, who likes to keep everyone on their toes. Halloween is just around the corner so I can only imagine how much more intricate our scaring can possibly get. If you have not had the chance to see our Sunday Scaries videos, check out our Facebook and Instagram. Be sure to check out our latest video that was posted today! At the end of the day, yes we are scaring the lights out of each other, but we are doing it for you. We hope that by posting our Sunday Scaries videos, we can make your Sundays a little less scary and a lot happier.