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Feel Like a Kid Again

three friends holding their frios pop

I will never forget the day my neighbor stopped me after my run. It has been ingrained in my brain and has since become a visual that drives the direction of Frios Gourmet Pops.

I was walking toward my house when my 90-year-old neighbor stopped me to say thanks for the popsicles I had given to her for her birthday. We chatted for a while and she continued to tell me how much she loved the pops and that “they made me feel like a little girl again”. That quick exchange has stayed with me, and I often repeat this story to new franchisees as one of the reasons why I love Frios. We sell happiness. We sell a feeling. The pops are purely the medium for which we provide each and every customer a feeling of being free of stress and a reason to celebrate life. The moments that we have in life where we don’t worry about outside factors are special, and Frios helps create those moments.

I often remind myself that life isn’t a dress rehearsal. We are given one shot to make it the best we can. My goal with Frios is to have families create traditions and memories with our pops. I had a similar tradition growing up. Every Thursday my parents would take me to get an Icee. Now, I get to share Frios pops with my children as their little traditional treat. Frios pops take you to a place of pure happiness in a world that is filled with stress and chaos. Frios will make you feel like a kid again. The best things in life are Frios!