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Rebranding and Up-branding

frios pops tie-dye logo

Rebranding or up-branding can be a daunting process with many clear questions and few clear answers. Here at Frios Gourmet Pops, we constantly hear how people love our unique flavors and are excited to feel like a kid again while enjoying a pop. As we geared up to grow Frios to the next level, we didn’t feel like our branding matched the energy of our product, but felt lost on how to execute a brand change. 

The first thing we tried was hiring an expert and engaged in a rigorous design process with lots of customer feedback, stakeholder sessions, and imagination around what Frios branding could become. The process was great and when our first concepts came in, we immediately shared them with all of our team. The feedback was terrible. Overwhelmingly, franchise owners felt like the concepts were too far out to be successful. We knew they were right and we knew that we had to keep digging to be successful. 

As we dug deeper into what connected with people about eating a Frios Gourmet pop, themes began to emerge. Eating a delicious frozen dessert off a stick is intimately connected with the freedom of childhood and free time to spend with your children and no one can take themselves too seriously getting that last tasty bite of a Frios off the stick. It became clear that people choose a Frios for more than just great taste and wonderful flavors. They eat Frios to feel free for a while. The best things in life are Frios!

With this ah-ha moment in hand, the other details in up-branding came into play and tie-dye was the easy choice. It grabbed our customers’ attention, was as unique as the product and only the star-spangled banner said freedom louder. We knew we had a winner when our franchisees loved it. It takes a team to get it done and Team Frios is committed to doing everything possible to help our franchisees grow their business.